Photographer - Alex Eclavea 

"A New Man"

Photographer - Alex Eclavea



Photographer - Alex Eclavea

Photographer - Alex Eclavea

Photographer - Alex Eclavea 

Photographer - Ava Winstin 

"Wisconsin St." 

A'Bravo Bistro  

Studio 1212 cafe & wine bar 

Mile Of Music

East West Music Fest 

Gibson Music Hall 

Luna Cafe and Roastery 

Green Bay Farmers Market 

Appleton Farmers Market 

Republic Of Pie 

Sip Malibu Grapes 

Eclectic Music Festival 

Photographer - Aaron Jankowski 

Photographer - Alex Eclavea

For publicity use! 


Me, and my Mom and Dad moved to California for my Dad's music career. I auditioned and was accepted into the Los Angeles School for the Arts, which I attended until I began writing, recording and performing full time in 2017. Lately I have been spending my time traveling back and forth between California and Wisconsin recording and performing. I will be releasing a lot of material in 2017, so stay tuned! :) 

I grew up in Wisconsin.  I've been surrounded by music my entire life.  My Dad has been a musician since he was very young. He performed with a horn band named Big Mouth around Wisconsin for many years. I'd always go to his shows and imagine myself doing the same thing when I got older. I started playing music at age 11, and began playing gigs at 13. I'm a self taught musician.