"A New Man" is finally done! It was recorded last year October at Rock Garden Studios in Appleton WI. I named it "A New Man" after the first song on the EP. That song was originally written about my parents, but over time I realized I also wrote it about Standing Rock. It's the most powerful song I feel I've written, and that's the story behind the title! 

This EP is more like a mixtape, because of the different genres. I wanted to share those sides of me and have something to show for it. I'm very proud of this project and I hope people share the same joy I felt creating it. 

I would like to say thank you to the musicians on the record...  Maxwell S. Jones, Timmy Mac,  Erik Juvonen, Aaron Duesterhoeft, Marc Golde, and Shaun Marie. It was produced by Marc Golde and Sam Luna. Recorded at Rock Garden Studio in Appleton WI. Artwork by Alex Eclavea - (Insta: @thoughtroom.) Also would like to thank my friend Ava Winstin - (Insta: @makemydaybrighter) for helping me edit the artwork.  Huge thanks to Sam Luna for co-writing "Paint You A Picture" with me, inspiring/motivating me, and helping produce the record. Feed the Dog, you guys rock, thank you for inspiring me and being a part of this EP! And I wanna thank my parents, friends, and family obviously for motivating me and supporting me like crazy.  ❤️   

"Wisconsin St." has been a project of mine that I've been wanting to release for a while. The title is named after the street I grew up on. It is a very personal EP where I talk about growing up, moving to California, and what came along with it. My goal was to just encapsulate that part of my life and be able to relate to other people who may be going through something similar. 

I want to say thank you to Dan Rodriguez! This guy mixed the whole EP and recorded the track "When This Snow Melts Away" with me at his dope studio in Minneapolis. He's amazing. Can't thank him enough. I also gotta thank John Gibson! I recorded the track "Same Old Moon" at "made ya look" studios in Green Bay. That song features Matt Turner on cello! Big thanks to him as well, he added a lot to that track and the whole EP in general.. Very grateful. Thank you to both my parents Pam Mankowski and Woody Mankowski for being so incredibly supportive. And lastly thank you to my friends and family... You guys are amazing.